The Apartment Therapy blogalong continues!  Follow me as I go through the tasks in the Cure and whip my apartment into shape. You can read more posts in the blogalong here.

Assignment 6 – Prepping Artwork for Framing

This task was in the bag! I recently printed out a new piece of artwork and framed it. It’s leaning against a wall for now until I’m ready to hang it.

Assignment 7 – Weekend Chores

I’m so glad that this task was assigned on the weekend.  My apartment definitely needed this!  It was all about the kitchen: clean surfaces (inside and out), counters, sink, cabinets, refrigerator, stove, and other appliances. For me, other appliances included the microwave, chest freezer, and deep fryer. Hoo boy, quite the list!

In order to clean the cupboards and fridge, it was necessary to go through all the food.  Especially in the fridge, there was a lot of food that was definitely past its prime. I tossed all food that was past its expiry, leftovers that got pushed to the back and forgotten (I’m so sorry, fantastic teriyaki chicken, for forgetting to consume you), and food that has lived in the fridge forever that I knew my fiance and I would never eat.

Fridge TransformationThe majority of my fridge is condiments.  Sauce is awesome.

Before and After: Pot Rack Area

The pot rack was a bit out of control. I recently added green bins to the shelf for odds and ends that don’t fit in my cupboards. I tried to pare down the number of objects hanging due to clutter, but I use everything. I could probably get rid of some frying pans, but I have them in multiple colours and use different ones depending on my mood (does that make me a bit crazy?).

Before and After: Dish Cupboard

I rearranged my dishware to keep like items together (bowls with bowls, cups with cups, etc). I didn’t get rid of much except for a few items on the top shelf. My favourite thing in this cupboard is the set of hooks for measuring cups.

Before and After: Pantry Cupboard

I feel so wasteful because I had a lot of dry goods that expired in early 2013. Oops. This photo shows how desperately I need to go grocery shopping,

Now that my kitchen is so clean, it feels bigger and I really want to cook in it!


The second part of this task was to make a new recipe, but I had bowling league directly after I finished cleaning so all I made was some frozen chicken and stovetop rice.

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