The January Cure continues!

I didn’t write dedicated blog posts for assignments 3 or 4, but, rest assured, I got a fresh perspective and set up an outbox for items on their way out.  I even put some clothes I never wear in there, so time will tell whether they leave my apartment permanently.

Dining Room Table with LightAssignment 5 asks participants to choose one project from the list to aim to complete by the end of the month. I’ve decided to rearrange dining room table to fit better (research options for smaller table with fewer chairs).

I’ve done a lot of arrangements with this table: lengthwise, widthwise, pressed against the wall.

No matter what, there is little area to walk around the tiny space, and there are just way too many chairs.  6?  Really?

Ready to see my least favourite space in my apartment?  Here we go:

Dining Room TableI would love to take this month to transport this room. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with the chest freezer in this space because there is no other available space in this house.  The key transformative element will be finding the dining furniture on my shoe string budget.

Is it possible?  Time to research!

Happy curing!

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