I’m working through my tasks for Apartment Therapy’s Assignment 2, to be completed by end of day Sunday.  This weekend is filled with family gatherings, so luckily, the tasks are not too arduous:

  1. Buy Flowers
    • I went a different route than the outlined task.  Instead of buying cut flowers that would just wither away, I decided to finally invest in some plant life.  I’ve had an orchid plant and a rose bush indoors in the past, but both didn’t survive my care. I have a terrible green thumb, but my fiance is pretty good at keeping things alive on our balcony vegetable garden in the summer. I decided to purchase two plants to get started, a lucky money tree and and an aloe plant.  Neither are flowering, but both are green and add life to the living room.
      After my three cats’ initial investigation of the plants, they have not been attacking the new additions to the apartment.  So far so good!
  2. Vacuum the Rugs and Clean the Floors
    • This task will be done on Sunday.  Our carpets are in pretty good condition because we use a vacuum cleaner often to maintain the main areas.  After a once-over with the upright vacuum across all rooms with special attention to the crevices at the edge of the baseboards, this task should be well taken care of.  The tiny bathroom and tiny kitchen floors make for fast mopping. You know, this task is a trick: it gets you to declutter your floors at the same time so you’ll be extra thorough and organize things at the same time!  I get what you’re doing, Apartment Therapy.
  3. Stock Up on Good Green Cleaners
    • Done in advance without realizing it! After New Years Day, I wanted to freshen my place, so I’m already prepared. I even replaced my scouring pads and scrub brushes that were pretty worn out.

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