Leftover FabricFor almost two years, I’ve had a small amount of this grey-blue drapery fabric leftover from my craft room’s curtains.  The fabric is very sturdy due to a heavyweight blackout lining.

While cleaning out my soon-to-be mother-in-law’s basement, I found these two frames that were destined for the trash heap.  I immediately thought of this fabric and knew I could work with them to create an artwork display for interchangeable prints.

The best part?  Everything in this project came from my stash, so there was no immediate cost.  Bonus!


  • wooden frames (recycled)
  • fabric (leftover from old projects)
  • drapery clips ($1 on clearance at Fabricland)
  • small-sized prints
  • thumbtacks
  • ruler (optional)
  • scissors
  • rounded corner punch
  1. I started this project by attaching the fabric to the back of the frames using thumbtacks. By using thumbtacks, I can switch out the fabric easily to match my decor.
    Tip: Pushing a thumbtack through hardwood can be difficult because the end of the thumbtack can indent into your thumb.  I placed a ruler over the top of the thumbtack before pressing to distribute the pressure against a larger surface area.  I initially tried a hammer; the thumbtack was too weak for the impact of the hammer and the flat had broke off from the nail.ruler-thumbtack-tip
  2. When you flip over the frame, it looks something like this:fabric-backing
  3. Using the ruler technique again, I attached more thumbtacks to the frames and slipped a drapery clip between each thumbtack and the wood. I left a gap for the drapery clips to hook onto.  The frames had uneven holes drilled into them, but I pretended they didn’t exist and spaced them evenly.
  4. Take your artwork and clip it to the clips.  I had some simple 4×6″ prints that I compiled from the Brand Spirit tumblr (I cropped the images 4×3″ and arranged them on 4×6″ canvases in Photoshop).   You can find more black and white photography on my Serene Wall Pinterest board.hanging-printsIf you want to do 4 inch square prints, it’s easy to centre a 4×4″ print on a 4″x6 piece of paper and trim:
    4 inch Square Prints
  5. I used a rounded corner punch to soften the edges of the prints.  For my 4×6 prints, I rounded the overhanging edges.  On the square prints, I rounded all four corners.

What I love about this project is the versatility.  You can swap out the fabric. You can swap out the prints.  At Christmas, I plan on clipping Christmas cards on an angle.

4 inch Prints Swappable with Clips

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