Make a Pocket When I attend events or travel, I always make sure to tuck away a few items as souvenirs. Ticket stubs work great on scrapbook pages, especially since they often have the date of the event that’s been scrapbooked.

Here a few different ways I’ve incorporated paper ephemera into my scrapbook page layouts.

Make a Pocket

This train ticket didn’t match my page very well, but I didn’t want to add a strong orange element in my page to make it match.  Instead, I created a cute paper pocket that only showed a corner of the train pass stub.  I labeled it with mismatched stickers.  This method has the advantage of the ticket being removable for reading all the details of the journey up close.

Make a Pocket for Your Ticket

Save Transit Passes for Decorative Elements

I purchased a week long transit pass while traveling in Montreal.  I saved the pass, plus I had a few single ride tickets leftover and incorporated them into the layout.  This ornate cardstock swirl tied the colour from the pass in with the rest of the page.

Save Your Transit Passes

Don’t Redeem All Your Game Tickets; Make a Border

I saved a few Playdium arcade prize tickets to use as a divider element in this simple layout.

Save A Few Game Tokens

Match Your Page to Your Ticket

This black and white ferris wheel ticket inspired the rest of this black and white page.

Incorporate the Colour Scheme

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