Recently I bought a few pairs of adjustable-length leggings. After cutting off the legs to my desired length, I didn’t want to just throw the knit fabric into the garbage. I also had about half a meter of this fun, super-bright yellow knit fabric that wasn’t enough to make a full skirt.

Put them together and what have you got? This colour-blocked knit skirt!

I picked out this Simplicity 2608 pattern. I could just fit the pieces for View D, the gathered pencil skirt, on my small piece of fabric:

As a 5’1″ shorty, I shortened the length so that it would hit just above my knees.

Creating a Yoke Out of Two Pairs of Cut-Off Leggings

  1. Cut out a yoke pattern piece using a pattern of your choice. Set tissue paper piece aside. Measure the height of this pattern piece. The cut-off portion of your leggings must be at least this tall to create the yoke.
  2. With the ends of two pairs of cut-off leggings, cut along the side seam and flatten the fabric. Repeat for each leg.
  3. Cut off the angled edges to make large rectangles of fabric out of each leg. (I only trimmed one side, mirrored, on each piece; you’ll trim off the excess after joining the rectangles any way.
  4. Stitch two pairs of rectangles together, making sure that all the pieces have the same directional stretch.
  5. You should now have two large rectangles. Pin the tissue paper pattern onto the rectangles and cut out the yoke. Make sure that you centre the joining seam under your pattern so that you don’t have awkward seams.
  6. Assemble the yoke and the remainder of your skirt as per your pattern’s instructions.
  7. Enjoy your colour-block skirt!

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