I hate when my craft desk’s tabletop gets too crowded, so I purchased the BYGEL rail from IKEA to attach small plastic containers to the wall that are easy to remove when using supplies.

Isn’t this storage solution cute in addition to functional? I trusted my fiancé to surprise me with the bin colours for me on his way home from work, and they look cute in my craft room.

I use mine to store my soft-tipped markers, ink pens, sharpies, staplers, tape, and scissors.

The best part of this storage system is that the bins are easily detachable. The bottoms are flat so you can take the entire bin off the wall and place it on your desktop while you use the items.

Additional perks: the rail is only 2.99 or 3.99 depending on the width, and each container is $0.99.

One day I dream of having a wall of these rails. Can you imagine it?

The posters are vintage royalty-free maps that I found online that I printed out using the techniques described in my Budget Friendly “Framed” Post Prints article.

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