For years, I kept my wound bobbins in a clear plastic case and my thread spools in yet another case, and this was good enough. But when I began quilting, I started collecting both polyester and cotton threads.

This was when the confusion started: Does this particular bobbin match my cotton spool or my polyester spool? Is this bobbin the exact shade of blue as the spool in my hand? It can be hard to tell at a glance!

Here is proof of my craft room chaos: I was accumulating too many spools, so a thread rack became a welcome addition to my craft space. Organizing my thread by colour was step one.

I purchased a thread rack earlier this year to store my threads on the wall instead of on a box on my desk. The pegs are meant just for threads, but if you put your bobbin on the peg first, there’s still plenty of room on the peg for both bobbin and thread storage. I don’t recall the brand and it’s not printed on the wood, but I’ve seen this style of rack available at Michaels and Fabricland. I purchased mine at Michaels from the clearance aisle for $7 because it was missing two easily replaceable pegs.

First, I divided my threads into two categories: all-purpose and quilting. Then I organized these two groups by colour, starting with neutrals like black, white, and grey, then flowing through the rainbow.

As long as you put your bobbin and thread back on the rack as soon as you’re done sewing, bobbin confusion can be avoided.

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