1. Let us know a bit about you

BuxtonBears was inspired in 2004 from a trip to the UK to visit my Grandmother. She taught me the fine art of making a Teddy Bear, and later on, the Elephants and Birds. It’s taken a number of years to get to where I am now, but it was well worth it. Last summer, I decided to bring BuxtonBears; the idea, into the reality of a website, which is going through a major overhaul at the moment, and to make it more user friendly. Building a business, whether it is part time or full time, can still take time, and mine is a labor of love.

2. What do you make?

I am a purveyor of fine hand crafted Teddy Bears, which has also expanded into Elephants and Birds. The Teddy Bears are made from 100% silk or 100% cotton, as are the Elephants. The birds, dubbed, LuvDove’s, are crafted from felt. Everything is hand sewn by me, as I do not outsource any of my work.

– BuxtonBears products would make a fabulous and unique gift for any special occasion.

– BuxtonBears products are not intended as toys for young children, and are sold as such.

– Buxton Bears teddy bears have hand sewn, 4 movable joints

– Buxton Bears are all handmade & hand sewn

– Buxton Bears are all stuffed by hand

– Buxton Bears LuvDove’s come with or without a hanging ribbon, it’s your choice

– Buxton Bears are unique and will never be reproduced.

– Buxton Bears each have a name with a guarantee card.

– Buxton Bears Teddy Bears are adorned with a Beautiful Satin, Organza, Grosgrain ribbon

– Buxton Bears all have a signature decoration on them, each one being different.

– Buxton Bears are all cut out by hand


3. Where do your find inspiration?

I find inspiration from life & love, and my work is about creating new inspiration, and sharing that with everyone. Beautiful material is always a huge inspiration, and mixing and matching styles. Buttons, ribbon, and lace also give me inspiration for the next bear.

4. How long has your Etsy shop been open?

My Etsy shop has been open since August 12th 2011. I only published my work earlier this year in February 2012, and have made 2 sales. Selling online is not as easy as it may appear. You have to really work at your photos, presentation, description and key words. It’s like a constant work in progress, always trying to find a better description, or better price point.


5. Do you still have time to make crafts for pleasure while running your online business?

Running an online business is a full time job in itself, and I have a full time job already, so unfortunately I can only focus on BuxtonBears part of the time. So my part time availability is dedicated to BuxtonBears. Making crafts is a pleasure for me Pointe finale; it’s an extension of my life.

It isn’t necessarily about having time to make crafts for me, it’s about making time for them. The craft is as important for BuxtonBears as it is soothing and relaxing the mind.


6. What inspired you to move your art into an online business?

My inspiration to give BuxtonBears an online presence is that more people would see the shop, and less overhead cost, than a physical store! Provide a median where people can purchase a BuxtonBear, and request a custom one for a special occasion.

My husband helped convince me as well, as he is an online marketing specialist, long before any of us even knew what the “internet” was!



7. What are your future goals for your shop, and do you have a plan for achieving them?

My main goal is to get the Etsy shop running smoothly, with some consistent sales. This is a challenge, as my product is for discretionary spending, not primary spending. Given economic times, people are tightening their belts on spending. Covering the costs of my materials and supplies is part of the main goal, and with that, I will be happy. How I intend to achieve this; well, hard work, more bears, getting my name out there, craft fairs, search engine optimization, and word of mouth.


8. Where can we find more about you online? (Web site, social media, etc)

All inquiries, comments, questions can be sent to: [email protected]

BuxtonBears has an a full website (please keep in mind the site is going through a major overhaul)

If you see something on my website that isn’t available on Etsy, please feel free to use the secure checkout
with Paypal.

BuxtonBears has a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/buxtonbears where you can stay up to date with the

BuxtonBears has an Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/BuxtonBears


BuxtonBears is presenting at a Craft Show at the end of the Year in early December in time for the Holidays, at Quinn Farm in Ile Perrot December 1st & 2nd 2012. I am planning to introduce some Christmas colors in my line as well, like red & green, and Christmas themes.

Upcoming Events which I would like to participate in!!
I am going to be submitting my work for the up coming POP CRAFT & DIY FAIR for fall 2012 as well.

Wish me luck!

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