I love selling items on Etsy both for fun and for a little extra cash. My supply shop, Pange Supplies, which primarily consists of small-scale items that can be hard to keep track of, requires a dedicated space in my craft room so that I don’t lose the items amongst my personal craft supplies.

I sell my scrapbooking scraps in small zip baggies, and to keep myself organized, I use four plastic bins with snap lids to indicate what stage of progress the item is in. The boxes pictured are Sterlite snap boxes; their small-sized boxes fit wonderfully inside the Closetmaid Cubeicals system.

  • To Be Packaged: I throw all my scraps in this bin with zip lock bags dividing the scraps by colour. Once a baggie is big enough, it’s ready to be photographed and have its branding packaging attached …
  • To Be Listed: Items in this box are ready to be photographed listed on Etsy for sale. Once the item is live on Etsy, it’s ready to be moved to the next box…
  • Online Items: Each item listed on my Etsy shop resides in this box, ensuring that I will always be able to find it.

I like to do my listing in bulk because I get into a better groove. I aim to keep the To List box empty as much as possible; why should ready-to-go items sit where they cannot be sold, right?

Every small craft business will have different methods for keeping their stock organized in their craft room, but for my small supply shop, this system is keeping my inventory accounted for and apart from my regular supply stash.

Do you have any inventory management tips to share with other crafty business owners?

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