Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, once you and your toddler make this quick little project together! Herd up your little ones and try this toddler-appropriate gluing activity.

Supplies You Need:

  • paper
  • printer
  • glue pots and sticks
  • cotton balls (white cosmetic ones work for white sheep, or you can use craft-grade cotton balls in black, or even multicoloured ones for more glamourous, eccentric sheep)
Download the full-size sheep template by clicking the sheep above.
  1. Download and print out the sheep template I made. It fits on an 8.5×11″ piece of paper.
  2. Give your toddler their glue and sticks and let them have at it! Glue, glue, everywhere.
  3. Give them the cotton balls so they can pat-pat-pat them on.
  4. Sing “Baa baa black sheep” for good measure.

After the glue dries, I cut the sheep out from the background and attached them to the wall in the bathroom of the daycare I work at as a border design. The flock of sheep are pretty cute as a group, and the children love to point to the animals while getting changed.

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