I try to keep my work space clear, whether it’s in my craft room or my space at work. Clutter attracts other clutter, though, so my organizational goal has been to find a place for everything and put everything in its place. For those odds and ends that need to be handy, why not try attaching some small bins above your workspace to hold those hard-to-find but handy-to-have-on-hand items?

The plastic bins pictured are actually drawer organizers, but by placing a pairs of thumbtacks or screws into the wall, you can convert them to stacking, floating storage. Be sure to use screws (preferably with anchors) for heavy items otherwise the bins will come crashing down.

Use a colour pin that blends in if you’d like the bins to appear as if they are floating on the walls. (I used what I had on hand, so mine really pop. I’m going to be hunting down burgundy thumbtacks.)

The key is to find bins with slots or holes where a thumbtack or screw can just fit through.

Screws work best with slotted plastic bins. Once you squeeze the head through the slot, that bin is not sliding anywhere.

As long as your screws, anchors, and bins are strong enough, you can use larger bins on the wall as well.

By keeping clutter items off of the table top, you have more space to craft things.

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