I’ve come across this re-growing pin multiple times since joining Pinterest and one of the biggest questions I get is “how can it simply re-grow?” and “does it taste any different?” Not so long ago I decided to take on this pin and here is what I’ve found and how to re-grow your own.

So as the pin says when you cut the ends off your green onions do not simply throw them away but bunch them and put them in a glass with shallow water.

Well I don’t really have pictures of when I first cut them and bundled them in a cup. I did put them beside my window and forgot about them and when I did remember to check on my green onions the following day or two I was pleasantly surprised.

Day 2 and they are already growing!

Day 4 they grew bit more…

About 5 days later

So after a week they grew pretty quickly! The green onions were more lush and green than when I had originally bought them too. I could imagine that it would be okay to plant them in a small pot with dirt and they would probably flourish even better.

And the final result?

After 2 weeks of growth

They were very good too! I recommend everyone who has some window space to try this out. You can even cut these down and continue re-growing them again for another 3 – 4 full re-growths.

If you have any pins you would like to suggest for next weeks pin feel free to leave them in the comments below or email [email protected]


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