Screen printing on a canvas can be a challenge because the surface is not completely flat; when you squeegee the paint through the screen, the paint may not apply evenly because of the gap behind the canvas between the wooden frame. The secret to an even paint application on a canvas? Holding up the canvas with an object for support!

This article assumes that you already know the basics of using a YUDU machine. If you have never screen printed with the YUDU system before, check out What Do YUDU?, YUDU’s official site, for more information.

What you need:

  • YUDU screen printing system
  • screen burned with an image of your choice
  • screen printing inks
  • squeegee
  • dry canvas prepared with a painted background of your choice, if desired. otherwise a fresh, unused canvas
  • an object that will fit in the gap between the frame to support the canvas
  1. If you want your screen print layered on top of a background layer of paint, make sure that the paint is dry before applying your foreground layer with the screen printing ink. You will not want the paint to adhere to the backside of your screen as it may get clogged and ruined.
  2. Find an object that will support the canvas from behind. I used a box lid from the dollar store that was the same height of the wood used on my canvas. If you cannot find an object of the right size, you could layer many pieces of cardboard to the correct height to fill the gap. Note that there is a possibility that the paint could go through the canvas onto the object you place here, so don’t use anything important to you.
  3. Place the support object and your canvas on the YUDU where you would like the image printed. I chose to print my image on an angle.
  4. Tape off any exposed areas where you don’t want paint to go, including the border around your image. I had problems with the YUDU-brand emulsion sheets so I also taped off some areas where the emulsion did not adhere properly.
  5. Apply your screen printing ink and squeegee it, making certain that the canvas does not move as you pull the print. (You can see in my completed canvas picture above, at the bottom right the canvas shifted a little. Oops.)

When you remove the screen from the canvas, you should have a lovely screen print with the ink applied evenly due to the added support. I hope this tip will help you enjoy your YUDU screen printing machine even more.

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