Isn’t this stylized flower cute? This flower is an easy way to add a homemade embellishment to a scrapbook page.

What you need:

  • two pieces of coordinating scrapbooking paper
  • 1.5-inch paisley paper punch, 2-inch circle punch, and 1-inch circle punch OR scissors to cut out these shapes
  • double-sided tape
  • cute sticker for the flower’s centre (optional)
  1. Punch or cut out a 2-inch circle and a 1-inch circle from your first sheet of scrapbooking paper. Set aside.
  2. Punch or cut out four 1.5-inch paisley shapes from the second sheet of paper.
  3. Arrange the four paisleys on top of the 2-inch circle (top, bottom, left, and right), and be sure that the wide part of the paisleys are all flipped the same way clockwise. The four points should barely touch.
  4. Cut double-sided tape into small squares and attach the paisleys to the 2-inch circle base.
  5. Tape the 1-inch circle on top, centered so that the tips of the paisleys are covered.
  6. Optional: put a cute sticker at the centre of the flower to add some depth.

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